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Just Say This! How to have sex talks with tweens

Dec 14, 2022

In this episode, Amy explains grooming - how to spot it and what to do about it.

Consent Parenting is the place for you if you were sexually abused as a child. 

Savvy Parents Safe Kids has up-to-date tips too help you spot trouble.

There's a lot of helpful info here about this from the Australian govt Practice Kit for Child Sexual Abuse (this is for folks who work with kids). 

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Other resources

My new book! Sex Talks with Tweens: What to Say & How to Say It is all scripts and some tips! 

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Other resources

  • Stop It Now – Sexual Abuse Prevention info and support
  • RAINN – National Sexual Assault Hotline. Free. Confidential.
  • BARK – Monitoring and filtering (US only) 
  • Qustodio – Monitoring and filtering (outside US)